About Us

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About our community

Back in 2003, we started a little guild on the Eclipse server in Star Wars Galaxies. We didn’t have grand dreams of becoming a “server first” guild, or dominating the PVP landscape, or being the largest guild in the game. We just wanted to create an environment that promoted socialization, making new friends, having a team-first attitude, with an atmosphere of maturity and respect for one another. We wanted a guild for grown-ups, where we’d understand that your life outside of a game has priority over what goes in it, or when you need to go AFK in the middle of a raid because your kid needs attention. Can’t make it to a guild event because you need to work late? It’s okay; we’ve all been there.

That was a long time ago and we’ve never wavered from our core beliefs. Over the many years since, our core has stayed together and we have inhabited many MMO games under different names, making great new friends along the way, both in-game and face-to-face. We’ve become known as the “casual, but serious” guild. Our focus is on our people and the relationships we build along the way. Whatever achievements we get or things we accomplish are just a side product of working together and having great relationships.

So whether you’re a new to the MMO scene or an old EQ vet, if you’re the type of person who will invest in the guild you’re in, get to know those around you and generally having a good time, you’ve probably searched for your last guild.

Our rules and code of conduct

We don’t force a ton of rules upon our community. We’re a lighthearted group that does our best to have a fun, social atmosphere that’s safe and respectful. That said, the few expectations we have are a given in an adult community:

  • Be respectful of your peers;
  • Leave NSFW chat our of in-game chat channels (we have a Discord channel for that!);
  • Don’t cheat;
  • Be social, either in-game or on Discord (or both!), and;
  • Don’t do anything that puts the guild in a negative light.

Simple enough! Note that some chapters of our guild may have additional rules or policies required of their members. For example, in AION and Black Desert Online, we had semi-strict attendance rules due to a tight membership cap in-game. If you have any questions about our rules, please ask Sarynn#0001 on our Discord server or simply summon an Officer using @Officer.

Got a question?

Join our Discord server and ask away! We’re usually available 24/7.