Black Desert Online

Burned out from the strict attendance requirements of your current guild’s node wars? Exhausted from the mandatory grinding on five guild quests a day? Or maybe you’re a new player who hasn’t been burned by a nutty hardcore guild yet. You’re in luck! We’re here to save you from all of that.

When we joined Black Desert Online at launch, we wanted to create the same kind of environment we’ve had in previous games — casual, but serious. Organized, but relaxed. Supportive, but not demanding. Not an easy thing to do in such a hardcore game, but we succeeded! So if you’re ready to join up with a guild that cares about you, read through our guild requirements down below and when you’re ready, use the guild application to the right or jump into our Discord server and we can answer any questions you may have.

Guild application requirements

Aethereal requires an applicant to be at least Level 58

Why do we do this? Because we want to ensure that an applicant is committed to the game and has left the phase of just “testing it out”. We want our members to stay for a very long time, after all. Also Level 58 tells us that the applicant is ready or nearly ready to participate in Guild Quests.

Aethereal has a 21+ age requirement

The Aethereal community has a strict 21 and up policy for membership. Exceptions have been and can be made but they are rare.

Aethereal requires a member to get 10000 Guild Activity Points per Contract Term to stay in the guild

Why do we do this? To ensure that members are being active within the guild. Previously, we’ve only had an absence policy. However, this enabled people to do nothing but AFK activities and still remain in the guild. They were “in” the guild, but they were doing nothing to be “part” of it. By requiring an Activity Point requirement, Aethereal’s Leadership can see and get a metric on who is being an active part of the community and who might need some talking to.

So we need 10000 points, but how do we get them?

Participating in Guild Quests is the fastest way to acquire them. Also by doing some quests in BDO, one can gain a few Guild activity points.

Participating in Node Wars will count towards your 10k Activity. For every Node War you participate in, we as your Leadership, will consider that 2500 Activity. It is not a number you can see in-game, but we will keep track of Node War attendance and will add up the amount of Node War points you have gotten to the number seen in the Guild Activity page in- game.

For example, if you’ve done 4 Node Wars within your Contract Term and have 0 Activity points in-game, that still counts as 10000 Activity. If you’ve done 1 Node War and your Activity points in-game are 7500, that will add up to 10000 points.

It’s very possible to get the entire 10000 from a single Guild Quest. Considering you have your entire contract term to accumulate your points, and also have the option of Node War, it is very easy to maintain your 10k. We are still a casual guild here. It’s a very light requirement.

Agree to our rules of conduct and expectations

Please note that these rules apply in-game, on Discord (Text and Voice), and on our website when applicable.

Be respectful to your guildmates and others in our Game World. We have a very diverse group of people with an even more diverse set of beliefs, values, and opinions. So treat others the way you’d want to be treated. If you want to be treated like an asshole, then you don’t actually have a place in our community.

Do not PK our allies and friends unless you are provoked. If you are, capture a screenshot for proof. Not that we won’t believe you, but it helps tremendously with diplomatic discussions.

  1. Be socially engaged with the guild. Participate in text chat either in-game or on Discord and jump onto voice comms when you can.
  2. Make our comms, your comms. From time to time we bring in groups of people into the guild. We don’t want to have cliques forming up where people only play and chat with people they know. We are a big family here, so we fully expect you to make our home, your home.
  3. Be friendly, be helpful. Guild image is important. We like to side on the helpful, social, active, and freedom aspects of the spectrum, so being helpful and friendly not just with your guildmates, but with others outside the guild is very important and encouraged.
  4. Speak up! If you have a suggestion for the guild, speak up! Inform an Officer with your idea. Also, if you have any problems with anyone either in our guild, an ally, or just a random person in-game, let us know! Same if you witness some behavior you don’t think is right.
  5. Check the announcements! We post information about every guild event, node war, and important guild updates in the bdo-announcements tab in discord. Check this tab often.
  6. Participate! Join us as much as you possibly can for guild events, such as boss scrolls, Guild Quests, Node Wars, or anything else that comes up.
  7. During Node Wars, everyone is to be on Voice Comms. Talking is not required, but listening is. Listen to whoever is leading the war and follow his or her orders, even if you might not agree with them. Multiple people saying “let’s go attack this!” or “We need to defend!”, etc., only leads to confusion for everyone. Discussion on what strategies went right, what went wrong, and how we can improve can be done after the war.
  8. Keep random chatter during War to a minimum. Only speak when you need to relay important information.
  9. Let us know if you’re going away for a bit. Everyone needs to take a break from time to time. Refer to the Guild Absence Policy for BDO for more info.

Guild FAQ and info

Allies and friends

Our brothers and sisters-in-arms. We assist in GvG, Node Wars, and we move out of each others way in PvE. DO NOT PK people in these guilds. If an issue arises, contact an Officer immediately.

  • Infernal

We are friendly towards these people, and we expect the same towards us. Move out of the way in PvE, do not PK these people. If there is an issue, contact an Officer.

  • DIBS
Going absent for a bit? We have a policy around that

Due to the strict member cap in BDO we have a policy of removing people from the guild in-game when they’re been gone, without notice, for 7 or more days. If this happens to you, you have not been Banned or removed from the Aethereal Community, you are just simply removed in-game. Whenever you get back to the game you can re-join if there is a spot currently available. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the next available spot.

Why do we do this? For starters, we promote an active guild. That doesn’t mean we expect people to be on every evening for hours on end, but we do want an engaged, social community that is working together as much as possible. Second, we usually have a backlog of applications to the guild as we’re always up against the member cap. These tend to be active players eager to join our community. Lastly, most people are reach our threshold for unspecified absence that get removed have left the game permanently or for a lengthy period of time.

I need to be away for a while due to some reason, what do I do?

Simply make a post in our Text Channel bdo-leave. Please include your Family name and how long you are going to be gone or what date you’ll be back.

I was gone and got removed from the guild, what do I do now?

Contact an Officer in #bdo-lobby or in-game and let them know. We will bring you back into the guild in-game if we have spots open. If we do not, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until a spot opens up.

When do we do guild quests?

We try and pop guild quests several times a day. Guild quests are server wide, so we are competing with all other guilds on the server to pick up a quest. Officers will pop a GQ if they see an appropriate one up. If you need a quest at a certain time feel free to contact an Officer and request a GQ. We can’t guarantee that a quest will be available, so the best thing you can do to help get your GQ popped is to help search for one! We have 5 available quests per day and we will pop L/XL Valencia and Kamasylvia quests. We will pop XL gathering quests on request.

Who are the GQ teams and their responsibilities?

Unlike some other guilds, we do not have GQ teams that work on GQ at specific days and times. Everyone is encouraged to participate and work towards their 10k Activity Point goal. Also by doing GQ’s our guild enjoys a few benefits.

a.) Gives the guild experience points which eventually turn into levels. Each time we level we gain 2 guild skill points which we can use to add passive or active buffs, abilities, and upgrades for everyone in the guild.

b.) Gives the guild money which helps us fund things like node wars and guild boss scrolls.

c.) It keeps our guild on the first page on the rankings. Giving our guild visibility allows for more interest in our guild which allows us to keep our community active with new members joining regularly.

When do we do Node Wars?

We do Node Wars every Monday and Thursday at 6PM PST (9PM EST). Each node war lasts 2 hours and Fort Building will start sometime late morning/early afternoon PST.

30 minutes prior to War, we will be forming Offence and Defense teams so please get on Discord at that time if you can.

Do we have any Guild Events?

We often do guild events on Tuesday and Friday evenings. On Tuesdays we do the Mirumok Destroyer Offin Tett boss in Kamasylvia. On Fridays we may do a second Offin Tett run, sea monster hunts, Arena of Arsha, or other special guild events. Events are announced ahead of time in discord.

Do we do crate summons?

We offer a Command to Gather to Valencia City every Saturday. (NOTE: These are no longer available due to a Command to Gather nerf in game. If it is ever possible to resume trade summons, we will certainly do so!)

Do we do payouts?

We keep daily contract pay low and instead provide our members with payouts. When the guild bank reaches 3 billion, we will do a large payout. BDO breaks up the payout into four tiers, which we assign to members based on node war attendance and total guild contribution. This way, we are rewarding members who are putting their time and gold into helping the guild!

We assign payout tiers based on the following criteria:

  • Tier 4 – At least 75% node war attendance OR 500k+ guild contribution
  • Tier 3 – At least 50% node war attendance OR 250k+ guild contribution
  • Tier 2 – At least 25% node war attendance OR 100k+ guild contribution
  • Tier 1 – Less than 25% node war attendance AND less than 100k guild contribution, members that have been inactive for more than 7 days, and members who have been in the guild for less than 2 weeks.
World Bosses

If you are interested in hunting field and world bosses, join this Discord server:

Two things to note:

  1. They are very strict about behavior there so make sure you read the rules and follow them. They like to ban people.
  2. The ihana bot is going to go away.

Guild application

Ready to join our guild? Use the form below to submit an application! Due to BDO’s low guild member cap, we need to carefully process every candidate as we’re always hovering around the cap. If you have any questions, please contact us on our Discord server.

PvPPvELife SkillsRole-PlayingGvG / Node Wars


MorningAfternoonEveningLate Night

1-10 hours/week11-20 hours/week21+ hours/week

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