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Final Fantasy XIV

Bored to death playing alone? Is your Free Company massive but empty? Just returning to the game and feel lost? Or maybe you’re a new player waiting to explore this vast game. You don’t have to do it alone!

In Aethereal, you’ll have a social, friendly community ready to take you in and guide you through the vastness of Final Fantasy XIV. Below you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from people wanting to join our free company. We’ll continue to update this list as any new questions get asked!

Some quick highlights:

  • Over 65 members, most of them active every day
  • One of the top active free companies on Goblin every week
  • Large, beach front mansion in Shirogane (ward 17, plot 7) with all the crafting stations and vendors
  • FC airship and submarine
  • Weekly savage raiding, extreme trials, and treasure hunts
  • Mix of veteran and new players
  • Active participation on Discord voice (evenings) and text (all-day)
  • Friendly, helpful, diverse, and group-oriented
  • We have the game’s most fabulous Lala, Tir

What data center and server are you on?

We’re in the Aether data center on the Goblin server.

What requirements does the free company have for recruitment?

Currently, we do not have specific requirements. We have people who love to do raiding, crafting, PVP, or some combination of all of those things. Any and all types of players are welcome!

What do you use for voice chat?

We are using Discord. Please feel free to join us for a text or voice chat any time, at

Is using voice chat mandatory?

For general socializing, definitely not – though highly encouraged! We have some members who’ll just listen in on voice chat and reply or communicate via text chat in Discord or free company chat. The only time when being on voice chat to at least listen is required is any kind of raiding event. Be it instanced raiding, boss fights, PVP, etc. It is hard to quickly communicate via text with all the action going on.

What is the age requirement for membership?

We have a strict 21 and up policy for membership into our community. Exceptions have been and can be made but they are rare.


How diverse is the free company?

We pride ourselves on our diversity. We provide a great and safe atmosphere for everyone in the free company, and have zero tolerance for any kind of harassment or derogatory comments.

We’re extremely diverse, all-around. We have people from many different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, sexual preferences, etc. You name it, we probably have a member – and we embrace it.

Does the free company have a house?

Yes! Our free company house has a large house located in Shirogane, ward 17, plot 7. Come visit us some time!

What do I need to do to join?

First and foremost, make sure you’ve read this page completely and our About page. After that, you have a few options:

  • Jump into our Discord server and contact “@FF14 Officer” in the #ff14-public channel. We’ll usually answer almost immediately.
  • Contact any of our Officers in-game: Sarynn Sunrider, Angevin Celeste, Calixta Swiftshot, Mirco Suave, or Elle Rhilei.
  • Find any Aethereal <Aethr> member in-game and right-click on them so you can submit an application to join.

Still not sure? Use the contact form below to submit a question.

Have a question about our FC?

If you have a question about us and cannot jump into Discord, use the form below and we’ll be in touch.
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February 26, 2018