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  • Over the past 5 yrs of shooting, I’ve chased fall colors in 10 states... here they are ranked worst to best:

10. New Mexico
9. Idaho 
8. Washington
7. California 
6. Pennsylvania 
5. Colorado
4. New York
3. West Virginia 
2. Utah
1. Michigan

Factors in consideration: amount and diversity of color, whether the state is famous for fall colors, ways to interact and experience the scene, crowds. Obviously, I still have a lot of states to hit... and a few of these states I’m judging by a very short amount of time spent. Where to hit next... ?
  • Bathing in hot water and morning light... with every primary color represented. This must be where the fairies live. 🧚‍♀️: @jess.wandering
  • Today’s sunset spot, just up the canyon from Provo. I’ve hit Fall in a different state every year, and every year I’m convinced that it can’t get any better than where I’m at. Utah’s array of color, set against the Wasatch mountains is such a pleasing combo. Swipe for the obligatory unedited iphone pan.
  • Never seen so many colors in one view. 🌈 @jess.wandering
  • An Aspen surrounded by Pine.
  • You don’t see many neon clouds on here, just seems a bit ‘on the nose’ for ever changing horizon. This was a special sunrise tho, because it was our 4th time making the trip in hopes of calm winds and color. It’s a consistent story throughout my work. Most of my prized images did not come together on the first attempt or even the second. Most of them happen when I finally give up expectations, and go one more time for the heck of it. I interpret this phenomena as: there is no shortcut to a dream.
  • What’s left to say? Is there any more dragons to slay, or demons left to confront? Honestly, lately they seem to be multiplying. Confront one, two more appear. . .
Hopefully by now, you guys know that my feed is a fantasy I’ve created, for myself. My horizon rarely changes, in reality. It’s as precisely crafted as any tv or movie. Nothing wrong with that, as long as that’s how you consume it. . .
A lot of the days, it gives me grief that I’m perpetuating the curated online bubble. And I’ve been struggling with my role lately. The proverbial horizon has never been so blurry.
  • Austrian dining 🍽
  • We debated setting up closer to the water, but went for the tucked away, safe approach. When I got up to pee, the waves were crashing pretty close to us. What a nightmare it would be to get washed away in your tent. 🌊 ⛺️ Note: you need 2 permits to camp here - the Makah recreation Pass ($10 at Washburn General Store in Neah Bay) and an overnight camping pass from NPS (we got ours at the visitor center in Port Angeles -$8pp, per night plus a flat fee of $6). There is also a private parking lot to prevent break-ins. It’s a local’s front yard, located .5 miles from the official trailhead, it costs $10 a night. Plan your hike out and back around the tides. Low tide is considerably easier and you’ll stay dry. If you go on a day that forecasts cloudy, there’s a good chance it will be foggy on the beach and you won’t see the view (happened to me the first time). Bear boxes are mandatory. You can camp on the beach, above the high tide line (but I found that line hard to find) or in the established spots in the trees. Fires are legal, but only with driftwood (no harvesting from the forest) and you can’t burn pieces bigger than your forearm. We couldn’t find any suitable wood, so didn’t have a fire and wished we would’ve brought our own firewood. You guys said you liked it when I gave more info on backend stuff, so there you go, again!


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