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  • I love the Alps for the accessibility... if it’s a desirable area to explore, chances are there’s a cable car that takes you up there. Downside: it’s expensive and more crowded. Camping in the Alps, from what I can tell, is not as common or established as the USA wilderness. Most backpackers stay in the mountain huts. A lot of the areas we went to were not parks, but privately owned land. So to make sure that we were good to camp, we would talk to the nearest hut or house we could find. Sometimes paying them a bit to use their land, but more often, just getting a friendly go ahead to stay the night.
  • Close your eyes, and imagine waking up here... nightmare? Or bliss? . . .
The edge, for some odd reason, has always called me. I think 5 year old me would be so happy to see that I’m chasing the edge into my thirties. 🧗🏻‍♀️: @jess.wandering
  • When I met @jess.wandering she was afraid of heights... seems like she got over that! Still not sure if I’d hire her as a guide tho. Swipe for a video of instructor Jess. 👷🏻‍♀️
  • #ad I got a taste of Switzerland last year, and it's been calling me back ever since... it’s just as beautiful as I remembered. Catching first light in Alpstein. And testing out the new SH/FT shoes from @columbia1938. Love how versatile they are for around town, to mountain trekking. 👟 #moveoutsidetheexpected
  • It’s been a while since I’ve been out of my element and felt this scared. Reminds me of why I went down this path in the first place. Thanks for guiding us @michiwohlleben . Funtimes @jess.wandering 😅
  • Long Live Italian Summer 🏊🏻‍♀️ It’s a fun challenge to shoot popular places in a different way. I used the slow-mo feature on the new @oneplus 7 Pro, to capture the elegant detail of @still_thatgirl ‘s swan dive. Every time I watch this it makes me want to dive in right after! 
Reminder: we’re giving away a OnePlus 7 Pro phone along with $3000 travel credit to anywhere in the world! To enter follow @oneplus on Instagram, and follow the ‘giveaway’ link in my bio under story highlights. #shotononeplus #onepluspartner
  • Over here trying to figure out what to write in the caption line, any useful information I can pass along... It’s tough to fake inspiration, and lately, I find myself not wanting to post. Or even touch my phone for that matter. Does anyone else go thru those phases?
  • Been slowly making our way thru Tuscany with @acquapannausa. Love hearing the story of how they found their natural underground water source in the 1500s. And the efforts they take to protect the source, while being conscious of  their environmental impact. #sponsored #instameetmehere #acquapanna
  • Finished an eventful overnighter w/ @jess.wandering thru the Beartooth wilderness. We hit 4 lakes, experienced rain, sun, and logged a total of 19 miles. Hard to beat summer in Montana. #montanamoment @visitmontana @matadornetwork #travelstoke


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Just launched, fresh and new! This website has been in the works for a bit. With all guild communication moving toward Discord over the past two years, we've decided to move away from Enjin and Guilded as our website hosts. We wanted to have a more visual information website that drives people towards our Discord ...


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